Advice for First Time Renters

Brooklyn, NY buildings: apartments for rent and for sale
With so much to consider for first-time renters, it is often enough to make you feel at a loss. However, here is some advice that may not be easily considered when selecting a place to rent:

Stay for visitors
If you have people coming over to stay for a bit, whether you are temporarily housing them due to a loss of their own place or people are visiting for a vacation, consult your contract to see how long they can stay. Some contracts actually have a limit to how long people may dwell at your  residence.

Laundry rooms
Make sure to find out if there are washers and dryers available to use within your apartment building or if there is a laundromat nearby. It is generally preferred to have the laundry rooms within the building because of location  even if you may have competition for getting your laundry done in a timely manner.

Garbage Collection
Does the apartment have a commonplace for garbage collection? A single apartment may require garbage placed outside in the appropriate bins or dumpsters on certain days for collection, whereas  an apartment building may have a garbage room for year-round use. Make sure you take the time to learn the garbage collecting routine and regulations, which will make it easier on everyone.

Storage lockers
Some apartment buildings may include a storage locker for your apartment. The storage locker may be within a community of storage lockers so security may be an issue. If it is not provided, be sure to purchase a good lock and a strong chain if needed.

If your apartment is in an apartment building, does it have elevators to access higher floors? This is very helpful if you should live on the top floor. It is a life-saver for bringing home groceries or moving large objects Also, it is required for those who are wheelchair bound or have other movement-hampering disabilities

Finding out the details of your apartment that may easily be overlooked is the key to finding the perfect place for you. It may be the  smallest details that clench the deal for you and show you the joy of renting your own apartment.


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