Snowfall in Brooklyn, New York

Experience the wonders of Winter in Brooklyn. Walk through the snowy streets and watch children build snowmen in the parks sticking carrots for noses and plastering smiles from stones. Trudge the streets and blink off the snowflakes as they land on your eyelashes. Appreciate how the snow beautifully contrasts with Brooklyn’s trademark gorgeous red brick that it falls onto and the cracks between the delicate silver cobblestone that it descends upon. Admire how the most enchanting snow you have ever laid your eyes on covers the city like a white sparkling blanket. So still and pure. Watching it fall on the tree branches and rooftops as it paints the city white can almost transport you into a painting. 

Midwood in Brooklyn, NY (mobilephotography, OnePlus5)
Midwood. Brooklyn, NY

Midwood. Brooklyn NY



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