Tips for REALTORS that Work - Setting the Stage

Being a REALTOR® and being a good REALTOR® are two different things. It's the good REALTOR®, however, who reaches their goal whether it is a certain number of sales or a specified dollar amount for their income. Knowing how to be a good REALTOR® isn't something that you're born with, but rather, it's something that you learn how to do.
Granted some individuals are born salespeople and will be quite adept in this profession. However, learning a few tricks of the trade and working at being a good REALTOR® are critical to success. After all, since you basically work for yourself, your earning potential is dictated by your desire to succeed. If you set the stage for success, you are more likely to succeed than the REALTOR® who wings it. First, you should begin by acquiring the proper tools for the job. If you are wondering what tools you should have, then you haven't thought about this particular profession in the right light yet. Every good or successful REALTOR® has a few good tools along with a few tried and true methods of handling  clients

Business cards are essential to this  profession. They can provide your client with quick access to your contact information as well as a handy way  to refer you to one of their friends or associates.

A daily planner provides an excellent way to store all of your important information including a log for your mileage. Plus, if you acquire one with a slot that holds business cards, you are ready to go.

Cell phones are essential pieces of equipment for most professions these days However, they are even more important for REALTOR® s who are constantly at someone's beck and call.

A home computer or laptop that can double for work and home use is one of the most important tools of this trade. In fact, adding a printer and fax capability is a critical part of this set up.

If you aren't one of those gifted individuals who can easily do math calculations correctly in their heads, obtain a good calculator. Clients often request information that involves mathematical functions Tape measures are also very important tolls. If a potential buyer requests measurements that haven't been listed on any of the paperwork, it saves the time and trouble of trying to track it down later. In fact, a REALTOR® who can respond to his clients' questions readily and immediately is more likely to sell a property than one who always has to get back to his clients

Although not an essential tool of the trade, a clipboard is the perfect way to keep together the documents that you are currently using. It also provides a hard surface for taking down notes or questions whenever a table or countertop isn't readily accessible.

An attache case is probably the best place to store most of your essential tools of the trade. At the very least, it gives you the appearance of being a professional with a successful career.
Once you have the essential tools, you are ready to do business Always replace any item that accidentally becomes lost.  Remember also, that there is more to being a good REALTOR® than an attache case full of the right tools Learn your other lessons well.


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