Three Ways to Make Small Rooms Seem Large

Have you tried everything to make your small rooms appear larger? Here are three creative ideas that you may not have thought of.

1. Bring Nature Indoors
Inviting the great outdoors into your home sets a breezy, open ambience. But don't go overboard and clutter up your living space with potted plants- be selective.  Choose one or two natural items to enhance your small rooms.

For example, a beautiful hanging plant makes the ceiling seem higher. A vase of fresh flowers illuminates a dark dining table. And a melodious water feature brings to mind grand waterfalls and tinkling brooks 2. Indulge in Serious Reflection
Hanging a mirror on the wall gives the impression that your small room  is much larger than it really is. The larger the mirror, the more dramatic this effect.

A wall-size mirror doubles the visual size of any room, while smaller mirrors can emphasize the best features of the room. You can make a narrow hallway seem wider by hanging a long mirror on one wall. Likewise, you can make a stuffy powder room appear larger by installing a tall mirror on the inside of the door.

3. Create a Focal Point
Choose a single focal point for each of your rooms This will stop the eye being drawn here and there by competing points of interest.

The focal point might be a piece of furniture or an attractive work of art. For instance, a pale blue couch with  a couple of silk scarlet throw cushions would make a stunning focal point. An abstract sculpture with clean,  simple lines, displayed on a center table, would be equally effective. When using art as a focal point, just be sure to avoid elaborate works with lots of detail, as these give an impression of busyness. Stick with monochromatic abstracts or very simple representations.

Each of the three techniques above will  not only increase the apparent size of your small rooms, but also make  them look  attractive and welcoming.


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