Understanding Home Inspection

Any person can inspect a home and make a decision as to whether it is attractive or not, and whether it is worth the money being asked for. If you are looking to buy a home, you may notice freshly painted walls in very attractive colors; you will find that the home has the required number of bedrooms, the perfect kitchen that you have ever dreamt of and more importantly, the perfect location with great amenities such as schools and hospitals. However, have you thought of less visible parts and aspects of the house?

Rest assured it takes an expert to determine whether or not the functional and critical aspects of a home are in great shape. Just by looking at a house, how will you be able to determine if there are electrical problems, plumbing problems, drainage problems, structural problems, the state of the heating and cooling systems of the home and literally thousands of other parts and aspects that could be cause for concern?

It is in such a time that a home inspector becomes very handy. A home inspector is a qualified and highly trained and experienced individual who becomes a detective when it comes to the construction and functional parts of a property.  Home inspection isn’t an obvious thing, it is meant for the experts. This is because a home inspector, although they won’t bring down everything so they can diagnose underlying problems, they will more often come with equipment such as ladders, flashlights, devices used to measure stuff related to electrical, plumbing, and such like items.

Further, a professional home inspector will carry a digital camera that they will use to photograph such things as roof shingles lying improperly, buildings that do not comply with the area’s building codes, and signs of molds from leaking pipes and stuff. You must agree that these are things that will escape the eye of a not-so-keen home buyer who will more often be blinded by the beautiful and attractive fresh coat of paint at the expense of the functional and important aspects of a home.

It is always advisable that you the home buyer be present when an inspection on your home is done. This way, the inspector can be able to explain stuff to you. Some things such as removing filters for replacement or cleaning purposes are better explained practically. You can also get to learn how often some routine maintenance activities should be done. Such info can be extremely invaluable if you ultimately end up buying the property.


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