Why a Newsletter Can Improve Your Real Estate Business

Newsletters are among the easiest and cheapest marketing tools available to real estate agents to reach a large audience. Email newsletters are particularly effective, as  people will forward the newsletter to friends and colleagues who are looking to sell or buy a property, often giving real estate agents who send out newsletters a competitive edge. A regular newsletter keeps your relationship strong with previous clients, so your clients are likely to come back to you when selling, buying, or leasing a new property. Creating an effective newsletter is easy, especially as there are many services offering pre-built templates and easy to use  newsletter services online. It is illegal to send a newsletter to anyone who has not agreed to receive the newsletter, so you will need to include a sign up section on your webpage or get your clients to sign an agreement to receive the newsletter when you deal with clients face to face.

An effective newsletter will bring more traffic to your website to view your current listings, so ensure you enable links to your website within your newsletter. You do not want to spend a lot of time preparing the newsletter, or  you will find it is too difficult to maintain. This is where a pre-built newsletter template can be a great tool, especially as you can set the links once and use the same template for each edition of the newsletter, changing only the photos and articles.

Driving traffic to your website is one of the key aims of the newsletter, so include enticing offers to encourage readers to go to your website. You may want to include a competition in your newsletter that means customers must visit your website to enter the competition.

A good newsletter template will allow you to add your featured homes for the week, fortnight, or month, depending on how often you publish. Any good marketing tool, especially a newsletter, should be about building relationships with people. Adding a personal touch to your newsletter, such as an editorial section or a  personal article will make your newsletter compelling and will allow you to speak directly to your reader.

You can include general articles in your newsletter, such as, "How to Prepare Your Property for Sale", as well as articles that show your professionalism and  personal interest in your customers. If you sell a property for a high  price, you may consider a personal interview and photo with  the happy vendors in your next edition of your newsletter, demonstrating your ongoing relationship with your  clients.

Using a template and pre-built newsletter service with enough customization will allow you to create a professional and unique newsletter that will help you to expand your real estate business. Generate traffic to your website and build ongoing relationships with clients who will refer new clients to you with a regular newsletter.


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