Real Estate Mortgage Bankers and Brokers

Real Estate Mortgage Bankers and Brokers are extremely important in the most of the real estate transactions.  Their advice and opinion is equally important for the first time buyers and for the experienced real estate professionals due to constant changes related to world of finances, market fluctuation and availability of variable financing programs for all types of buyers (low income buyers, veterans, jumbo loans, conventional loans and many more categories and areas). It is very important to get mortgage pre-approval and mortgage pre-qualification before starting your property hunt. It will save you time and and will narrow down your search without being discouraged if you found your dream home, but you failed mortgage approval due to your financial situation even though you thought you could afford this purchase. If you know real estate mortgage bankers and brokers that you worked with in the past and you would like to recommend them, please feel free to contact us and send us information so we will add them as featured Loan Officers on our pages.

Yulia Beder, Mortgage Loan Officer

Yulia Beder, Mortgage Loan Officer
Cell: (704) 804-0633
Fax: (980) 352-9681
NMLS: 1675813

Igor Noble, Esq
Great Northern Mortgage Corp
Cell 917-397-3000
Office: 888-9LOAN99

David Golub
Vice President
Great Northern Mortgage Corp.
1733 Sheepshead Bay Road, Suite 34
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Direct: 718-513-6464
Cell: 516-835-3946